Tierra Atacama Hotel Boutique & Spa
Calle Séquitor S/N
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Chile: 0222078861 |Toll Free USA: 1 800 829 5325
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A Desert Oasis in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

"Welcome! For 60 years, our family of hotels has provided curious, active travelers with one-of-a-kind adventures. At Tierra Atacama, we´ll show you the secrets of Chile´s altiplano, which is teeming with surprising wildlife and dramatic landscapes. From our stylish hotel and spa, you will enjoy all the comforts of home in a place like no other. We are here to help you create a desert experience that is unique as you are. We look forward to welcoming you!"

– Adriana Fontanarossa, Manager of Tierra Atacama

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We are proud to present the newest member of

the Tierra Hotels family, Tierra Chiloé.

The hotel is located amid the blue waters of Chile´s Northern Patagonia, on a mythical island, dotted with picturesque fishing villages. The beauty of this destination is as much in the landscape as it is in the island residents with their deep-rooted culture and timeless traditions. In true Tierra style, the lodge´s distinctive architecture is in-step with its breathtaking surroundings and comes complete with its own boat the “Williche” for navigating the inland waters. With only 12 guest rooms, the property continues in the footsteps of Tierra Atacama and Tierra Patagonia by offering exceptional experiences and personalized service to its guests. More info at www.tierrachiloe.com